WOTlink Weekly Newsletter - RiotACT Article

Author: Tom Andrews  Date Posted:8 July 2021 

Hi all,

We got a great article all about the HYO model and all the benefits of the big end of town IT services with scale all the way down to single user businesses.

Check out the great photo shoot the Team.

Please click the image for the article's link.

Plenty of highlights about the IT world and business best practice.

Please note Roman in the front, our Chief Moral Office (CMO) who is always up for a chat, woops, make that "pat".

We've been working hard to develop end to end IT solutions for small businesses, all the way from providing internet, optimising a managed Office 365 environment, and even Teams calling!

If you have any questions, requests, or an issue with your IT email us at support@wotlink.com.au.


The WOTlink Team

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