WOTlink Newsletter - April 1st Microsoft Price Rise

Author: Tom Andrews  Date Posted:24 February 2022 

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April 1st Price Rise

Microsoft and other vendors have all increased their subscription costs, some in excess of 20%.

We’ve managed to provide over $200,000 of pro bono (unbilled work) for clients in the last 18 months as our contribution to helping clients during Covid.


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Additionally we have kept our costs in check for the last 4 years while including additional benefits such as email signatures and top subscription levels for products like Lastpass, improved remote monitoring, work from home access etc.


Sometimes, a price increase is unavoidable. This is one of those times.


To minimise the impact, Hyperlink Your Office (HYO) subscriptions will increase by 5% on 1 April 2022 and a further 5% on 1 Oct 2022.


Source: CRN Article | Microsoft Blog


Auto Pay Rollout

Thank you to all who pay their invoices on time. It really helps. To make this easier, from 1st March 2022, please note that the monthly invoice will have a link to an invitation to setup Auto Pay via Stripe.

Please complete the following steps on the invoice link once received: 

  1. Click Set up auto pay and enter bank or credit or debit card details. 
  1. Select the Automatically pay invoices on their due dates checkbox and click Pay

Using Auto Pay is convenient, set and forget. We now have Business-2-Business (B2B) Teams setup with the up to date “Addenda” details for you to check in conjunction with the invoice. 

If Auto Pay is not preferred, that’s OK – please pay manually before 7th of the month. Unless other arrangements have been made, non-payment will incur a late payment fee levied at 1.75% on the total invoices outstanding.  

Source: Xero partnerships

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