Turn on Gmail MFA due to recent 3.2 Billion users hack

Author: Tom Andrews  Date Posted:22 February 2021 

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Last week there was some IT news about a 3.2 Billion usernames and passwords leak over the dark web.
This includes login info from well-known websites like Gmail, Netflix & LinkedIn.
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Rest assured, your business emails are safe with security measures we have put in place, such as Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) linked to your phone. However, if you have a Gmail account or other email that is not currently setup with MFA, please enable that function as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, email accounts like bigpond.com, iiNet.com.au, Grapevine.com.au and many others do not have MFA functionality. So please close these emails down - ask us if you need a hand with that.
To enable MFA on a Gmail account, you must go "Manage Your Google Account" once you have been signed into Google.com, it will be on the top right of the screen where your account icon is located:
Once in the management area, go to your security settings:
Once there, select sign in & recovery:
Add your number and verify it with the prompts Google gives you.
That is how you secure your Google account/ Gmail!
We hope you found this informative and please email us at support@wotlink.com.au if you have any questions.
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