New Mac malware for the M1 chip

Author: Tom Andrews  Date Posted:1 March 2021 

Afternoon all,

Our story this week is about a current piece of malware that has spread through a vast amount of apple computers worldwide.
As of February 17th (the last know update from security authorities), approximately 30,000 Mac devices have been infected.
Apple has been working hard to contain and remove the malware before it can be activated, the malware is currently dormant and it's exact purpose is still not known.
The key interesting part to this story, is it's compatibility with the new M1 microchips Apple has started rolling out with its newest laptops. It was also distributed and deployed using a convincing Apple update to many users.
Here are the figures of devices confirmed to have the malware as of the 17th of February:
We are working hard to keep update to date on this development as it goes on.
In the meantime, how does this affect your business, and what can you do to keep yourself safe while working on a Mac?
Luckily, your data being in the cloud offers plenty of protection from malware and other malicious software.
The best protection against these is awareness and knowing what to look for, this includes knowing how to spot phishing emails and suspicious files too. These weekly letters are a good start for passive knowledge on what is out there and what you can do about it.
WOTlink uses methods in our default package to help. Things like cloud backup, MFA, Antivirus software, and the enterprise encryption that comes with Office 365. This helps a lot, but there's no guarantee if you get targeted.
Of course, please let us know the moment you think you or a staff member has been infected or hacked and we'll always be right on it.
If you ever have any questions about cybersecurity, or a request for us to help you become more secure, just let us know at
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